今年の3月にオープンしました、Afternoon Tea  LIVING 伊勢丹立川店の竣工写真をHOME PAGEにUPしました!


AFTERNOON TEA LIVING in Isetan Tachikawa has reopened with renovated interior.
With a series of arch-shaped windows, the renewed shop is designed with an image of a residence occupied by a woman pursuing quality and conscious living. The repetition of the arch-shaped frames on the wide stretching wall at the back adds rhythm to the space while the use of different materials and adoption of varying forms attract visitors attention.
Utilizing the spacious facade, the original trompe l’oeil patterns are employed to create a carpet-like look to the concrete floor, making the brand’s originality truly unique.


どうぞ覗いてみてください。☞ こちらよりご覧になれます。


AfternoonTeaLIVING立川01 2


Instagram: makiko_yamaguchi

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