May 2017 _ 千石 ウナギ整骨院


May 2017 _ Sengoku, Tokyo

"Sengoku Unagi Seikotsu-in", which literally means "Sengoku Eel Osteopathy" has opened in Sengoku, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, which is known to be an attractive livable residential area, not far from Koishikawa Botanical Garden. For this project, which is the second branch of the Unagi Seikotsu-in Group, I aimed at creating a comfortable space that the visitors would want to repeatedly come back, with meticulous attention to every detail including the texture of fabric, not to mention the carefully thought-out design, usage of colors and lighting plan. The cozy and relaxed atmosphere is accentuated with the adoption of the lilac color, which is also the theme color of the Group, and the taste of Japan.

Interior Design
Category / Hospitality, Clinic
Location / Sengoku, Tokyo
URL / http://www.unahone.net/
Logo design / Keiko Akatsuka
Photo credits / © Kozo Takayama