“DIRECT academy”

February 2019 _ ダイレクト出版[DIRECT academy]

書店では手に入らない実践的なビジネス洋書を翻訳出版しているダイレクト出版の学習プラットフォーム「DIRECT academy」の収録スタジオのインテリアデザインをヘッドスターツが担当しました。“ライブラリー”をデザインテーマに、教壇シーンや対談シーンなど5つのシーン展開で構成され、ロゴマークを要素にパターンを起こしたオリジナルの壁紙もデザイン。小振りながら密度の高い空間となっています。

February 2019 _ Shinagawa, Tokyo

Headstarts took part in the interior design of Direct Publishing’s recording studio for their “DIRECT academy” educational platform. The publisher is known for their translated publishing of rare and practical business literatures and books that are oftentimes not found at bookstores. Designed under the theme of a “Library,” although the layout may be compact, it was structured to expand into 5 various settings, including its use as a teaching platform and use in an interview setting. Headstarts even designed an original wallpaper utilizing DIRECT academy’s logo mark.

Interior Design
Category / Recording studio
Location / Shinagawa, Tokyo
URL / https://www.d-publishing.jp
Photo credits / © Kozo Takayama

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